March 2020: Commercial Oil Tank Regulation Changes

In April 2020, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) enforced new legislation for commercial businesses that use above ground oil tanks with a capacity higher than 200 litres. The new regulations state that all oil tanks that fit these criteria must have a secondary containment system with a capacity of 110% in order to prevent damage to the environment in the case of oil escaping or a spillage. Any businesses that fail to meet these new oil tank regulations can receive non-compliance fines of up to £5,000.

At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating we specialise in all aspects of Oil Tank work and we are offering FREE advice to any commercial business in Mid Wales or Shropshire regarding the new oil tank legislation change.

What are the new regulations for commercial businesses in Wales?

These new changes come as an addition to the 2016 Oil Storage Regulations (OSR) from Natural Resources Wales. The new regulations state that it is now a requirement for all commercial premises located in Wales who store in excess of 200 litres of oil above ground to have secondary containment with a capacity of 110%. The reasoning behind these more stringent containment measures is to prevent any oil from escaping into the surrounding environment via a leak or whilst filling.

Why is it important that your commercial oil tank meets the new regulations?

These new regulations are now in place as of April 2020 and any businesses not adhering to them can receive up to a £5,000 fine. There have been several campaigns by NRW in order to publicise these changes over the past year before they became active. However, many organisations may have missed these changes, especially with the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating we are continually ensuring that we are working to the current industry regulations, therefore we have decided to offer a free phone consultation for commercial businesses with oil tanks, in order to provide guidance on how the legislation change may have affected them. If you are interested in a quick chat about your commercial oil tank then call us now or send us a message and we will get back to you.

What are the new regulations for commercial businesses in Wales?

The new commercial oil tank legislation comes in as NRW works to reduce the risk of oil spillages damaging the environment. Their Senior Environment Officer, Rob Thomas, states that oil spillages can cause environmental damage which is difficult to rectify, being both costly on the wildlife as well as the business. 

The new changes will also have benefits to businesses, ensuring that they continue to work sustainably. In addition, greatly reducing the risk of an oil leak means that you reduce the risk of a large bill as the result of an oil leak (which quite often is not covered by insurance companies).

Who are Natural Resources Wales?

Formed back in 2013, National Resources Wales is now the largest Welsh Government Sponsored Body. They employ over 1900 staff and have an annual budget of approximately £180 million. The NRW was created to centralise the work of several different bodies in Wales including the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, and the Countryside Council.

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