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An increasingly common fuel used to heat properties or provide hot water in the UK is heating oil. Typically, only used in rural areas away from the British gas network, heating oil is stored in oil tanks outside the property and fed via pipelines into oil boiler systems. The heating oil is then ignited and is used to heat water that can be circulated around the house via central and underfloor heating systems or delivered to water outlets to provide hot water.

Chris Evans Plumbing & Heating is based in Welshpool and our OFTEC qualified engineers can install, replace and service any oil boilers for your domestic or commercial property. We offer a FREE consultation that includes a site visit and a competitive quotation to any potential clients, so if you are interested in finding out more please call us now or request a call back! 

Oil Boiler Installation Welshpool

We understand that every property is different and that is why every property needs its own bespoke central heating system in order to be most efficient. Our engineers have over 14 years of experience in installing a whole range of different oil boiler systems from Firebird’s with 10 years warranty to trusted brands such as Worcester boilers.

We can take care of the whole process, from designing a new system to fit within your existing property or working with you on a new build project during the construction. The OFTEC qualification that our engineers hold allows them to self-certify their work so you have complete assurance that your new oil boiler is not only installed professionally and safely but also working to its maximum efficiency.

If you are interested in booking a FREE consultation for a property in Welshpool or Mid Wales then please feel free to give us a call or send us a message!

Oil Boiler Replacement Welshpool

Over time oil boilers (just as with every other type of boilers) need replacing. This may be due to them naturally reaching the end of their lifespan or due to them gradually becoming less efficient over time. But, fear not as at Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating, our OFTEC qualified engineers are ready and waiting to help heat your home. We have over 14 years of experience installing, replacing and servicing oil boilers in Welshpool and Mid Wales.

We pride ourselves on providing professional work for affordable prices, so we offer all potential clients a FREE consultation (which includes a competitive quote)! In this consultation, we will assess your current oil boiler and provide our expert opinion along with several different options for you to choose from in order to most efficiently heat your home. Our engineers will also show you the financial benefits of each different system with some oil boilers being so efficient that the long-term utility bill saving may surprise you.

If you are interested in any oil boiler services in Welshpool and Mid Wales then please feel free to send us a message or give us a call (all of our initial advice and competitive quoting is FREE including a site visit)!

Oil Boiler Servicing Welshpool

Oil boilers require servicing every 12 months for several reasons, including ensuring they are working to full efficiency, adhere to legal regulations and maintain their manufacturer’s warranty.

At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating, our OFTEC qualified engineers arrange a time that suits you in order to visit your property and provide a complete professional service to your oil boiler. This also includes taking care of any of the necessary paperwork so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

If you are interested in our oil boiler servicing in Welshpool or Mid Wales then please feel free to give us a call, or send us a message and one of our engineers will call you back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using oil boilers in Welshpool?

Heating oil is becoming an increasingly common way in order to provide heat and hot water to properties in the UK. In 2019, it was estimated that around 1.6 million UK households (along with many commercial properties) used heating oil as their main fuel.

You may think of heating oil is only used as properties are not connected to the main British gas network (which in some cases is true); however, in new builds particularly the use of heating oil regardless of location. There are many different reasons for this, so below we have made a quick list of the advantages of using heating oil in Welshpool and the surrounding areas.

The efficiency and cost are two of the main advantages of using heating oil to fuel your property. Heating oil burns at the highest temperature when compared with gas, which means that it can heat areas faster and whilst using a lot less fuel.

This is also important as heating oil only costs 5.5 pence per kWh which is a lot cheaper than electricity at 20.7 pence per kWh. However, this is more expensive than gas at 5.1 pence per kWh, but its increased efficiency means that less of it is needed – thus making it more affordable (all Data from NottEnergy, 2019).
The technology behind oil systems is also a lot more efficient than other fuel-powered systems. An oil boiler can provide up to 90% efficiency, which is far much more than gas boilers (75% efficiency) and electric boilers (30% efficiency). This is another key reason why servicing oil boilers annually is very important, maintaining the efficiency level can drastically reduce your usage and thus your need to purchase more heating oil.

Freedom of suppliers and the fluctuating costs are the last advantages we are going to touch on in this section. In Welshpool and Mid Wales, there are many different heating oil suppliers which allows you to shop around for the best deal. There is no requirement to stick with one supplier or hassle changing suppliers like there typically is with gas and electricity providers.

One hurdle with this is that you tend to purchase heating oil in bulk which can be a bit more difficult to manage than smaller monthly bills. However, if you wish to select the option of manageable monthly bills most providers will allow you to do so with a monthly payment plan.

What are the advantages of using oil boilers in Welshpool?

As we mentioned earlier, normally properties use heating oil as the main fuel source to heat their home as their property has no connection to the British gas network. So for some Mid Wales properties, heating oil is the only option. However, more commonly people in areas of Welshpool with access to the British gas network are choosing heating oil to heat their home and provide hot water.

As with everything in life, there are benefits and drawbacks. In this section, we look at the potential drawbacks of using an oil boiler in your Welshpool or Mid Wales based property.

The benefit of fluctuation in price that we mentioned in the previous frequently asked question can also be a negative. If all prices go up or you spend a long time comparing different providers for only a small financial saving then it can become more costly than paying for a fixed rate fuel like gas or electricity.
A second potential drawback is an access point for oil tankers to reach your Mid Wales property.

This is not typically an issue in most places but it is definitely something that needs to be considered before choosing heating oil. You will be required to install an oil tank on the exterior of your property which must abide by legal position regulations whilst also being accessible for an oil tank to refill.
The final potential drawback to heating oil is the simple fact that it is a fossil fuel, and therefore a non-renewable fuel. However, taking everything such as the global supplies, advancements in extraction and efficiency of oil systems; it is highly unlikely that heating oil resources will deplete enough for you to notice.

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