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Oil tanks are becoming an increasingly popular choice in order to heat homes and commercial properties in Shrewsbury and Shropshire. In short, oil tanks are used in order to store heating oil, which is an alternative energy source to gas and electricity. Most commonly, heating oil is used by properties that are not actually connected to the UK’s national gas network; however, they are becoming increasingly popular in new builds.

Oil tanks are what sit outside of properties and hold the heating oil before delivering it to oil boilers or furnaces where it is ignited in order to produce heat.

At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating we can install, replace and service any oil tanks on your Shrewsbury based property. If you are interested in a FREE quote then please call us now or request a call back! 

Oil Tank Installation Shrewsbury

Our OFTEC qualified engineers regularly prepare, install and service oil tanks for properties in the Shrewsbury area. We are always up to date with the latest legal regulations and ensure that every project we complete is not only up to the highest professional standard but also legal guidelines.

The OFTEC qualifications that our engineers hold means that they can self-certify their own work ensuring that your oil tank is working safely and to its full efficiency. We will also complete all of the post-installation paperwork for your property, so you have peace of mind that your oil tank meets all regulations.

We also remind our clients several weeks before their annual oil tank is due for service – this ensures that your oil tank is always working to full efficiency and you don’t have to worry about anything.

At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating, we work with you to choose the best oil tank for the best possible price. We regularly work with our suppliers and have experience in installing oil tanks from many major manufacturers like Deso. We also work with a range of local contractors in order to make the whole process go as smoothly as possible from completing all the necessary groundworks to installing new pipelines and connections into the property and into the oil heating systems.

Oil Tank Replacement Shrewsbury

There are many reasons why you may need our oil tank replacement services in Shropshire. Properties may need the oil tank changed due to their existing oil tank coming to the end of its life, the need for increased oil tank capacity or changes to legal regulations surrounding oil tanks.

Our OFTEC qualified engineers are at hand to any property in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas of Shropshire to make the process of replacing an oil tank as seamless as possible.

The first part of the process involves one of our friendly engineers attending your property to provide an honest assessment, which comes with a FREE quote for the oil tank replacement and the timeline of the project.

Once a contract is signed, we will begin working on removing the existing oil tank. This process involves draining all of the unused heating oil stored in the tank and placing it in a storage vessel. After clearing the clean oil we will then drain the used contaminated oil from the tank – this oil will be disposed of safely and in accordance with legal regulations. At this point, if you wish, we can make the necessary arrangements for the oil tank to be safely removed and recycled at a licensed plant.

Next, we will prepare the base for the installation of the new tank. In some cases, this will include adjusting the base and in rare circumstances complete movement of the oil tank base in accordance with legal regulations. We regularly work with highly professional construction workers (who have completed many projects to a high standard in Shrewsbury and Shropshire) who assist us in this process.

The next step we complete is to install the new oil tank, this includes reconnecting the oil supply line and reintroducing the clean heating oil into the system. Finally, our OFTEC engineers will complete all the required testing to self-certify that the oil tank is installed correctly and working to its maximum efficiency.

The OFTEC qualification that all of our engineers have acquired provides you with full peace of mind that your oil tank replacement service not only meets all legal regulations – but is also completed to the highest professional standard.

To find out more about our oil tank replacement service in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas get in touch by giving us a call or send us a message.

Oil Tank Servicing Shrewsbury

Oil tanks require annually by an OFTEC qualified engineer in order to maintain their efficiency, safety and warranty. It is also a legal requirement for properties that use oil to heat their property to have the oil tanks properly serviced in order to abide by legal regulations.

Our OFTEC qualified engineers regularly service oil tanks and ensure that we make the process as easy and convenient as possible for our loyal clients. When looking at booking your oil servicing in Shropshire you can choose a time and day that suits you and then sit back and relax. We will provide a thorough inspection of your oil tank which includes a full servicing accompanied by completing all the necessary paperwork and certification. At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating, our friendly engineers always provide you with helpful tips on how to prolong the life of your oil tank and ensure that you are getting the maximum efficiency.

To find out more about our oil tank servicing in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas, call us or send us a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of oil tanks?

Oil tanks are an increasingly popular way to heat your property, especially in rural areas. We have many clients for which oil tanks are the only affordable option for their property as well as several clients who have actively chosen to use oil as the main fuel supplier for their property. There are many different reasons why people choose oil tanks in order in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas, here are just a few of the most important ones.

The first important factor to consider is that oil burns at a higher temperature than other fuels such as gas, this makes it much faster at heating properties than using gas or electric-powered systems.

Oil is also an extremely efficient power source with a correctly fitted, fully-working, oil system providing a huge 90% efficiency. In comparison to other fuels such as gas (75% efficiency) and electricity (30% efficiency), oil is by far the most efficient.

Leading on from efficiency, the cost of oil is drastically lower at 5.5 pence per kWh to electricity 20.7 pence. It is slightly more expensive than gas (5.1 pence per kWh), however, the efficiency of oil more than makes up for this.

The final advantage of oil is that you are not restricted to buying from one supplier. There are many oil suppliers in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas which all have very competitive pricing so you can choose where to fill up your oil tank based on the going price. This also provides you the freedom to fill up when you want and not be tied into a contract whereby you pay a set amount a month regardless of your usage. Saying this, in Shrewsbury and Shropshire, there are many suppliers that will allow you to pay a monthly plan it is more suitable for you.

(Statistics from NottEnergy, 2019).

What are the disadvantages of oil tanks?

At Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating we always like to provide our customers with all of the information in order for them to make an informed decision before we complete any work on their property. That is why we thought it is important to include a section of the drawbacks of using heating oil for properties in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas.

The first drawback can also be a benefit depending on the price of heating oil and that is simply the fact that prices will fluctuate. This means that if you stay loyal to one provider in the Shropshire area you may not always be getting the best prices. It is always good to shop around before refilling your heating oil tank. This can be slightly time-consuming, but you may save yourself a reasonable amount of money which will make it a good investment of time.

The next drawback is that heating oil has to be delivered to your property when your oil tank is empty in order to refill. This is only a drawback if you compare it directly to other forms of energy such as gas and electricity which feed directly into your property. This is also something our team of OFTEC qualified engineers will take into account when they visit your property and provide advice on the best place to locate your oil tank – ensuring an easy access point for oil trucks to refill.

Lastly, heating oil is a fossil fuel, therefore there it is non-renewable and there is a finite amount available on earth. Although, the technology used in not only extracting heating oil but also in making it more efficient has rapidly improved. This increase in the longevity of heating oil is helping to ensure that prices don’t rise and the global supply remains sustainable.

What are heating oil storage tanks used for?

If you have never used oil to heat your Shropshire property before you may find yourself asking what are heating oil tanks used for. Essentially, oil tanks are most commonly used in rural areas that are away from the UK’s national gas network.

Oil tanks are located outside of a property and simply hold heating oil and feed it to your property in order to power your oil-powered boilers or furnaces in order to heat your property.

There are several legal regulations that determine the position of oil tanks; however, you are in luck as our OFTEC qualified plumbers will cover all of this in your free consultation, and have a discussion with you on where is best to locate your oil tank.

When you are running low on heating oil, contact a local oil tanker service (there are many in Shrewsbury and Shropshire) and arrange for them to come and refill your oil tank.

Who uses heating oil in Shrewsbury or Shropshire?

Heating oil is probably more widely used than you would expect with an estimation of around 1.6 million households in the UK using heating oil in order to heat their homes or water. It is also possible to use heating oil in order to cook, although this is much less common in the UK. The standard size of oil tanks for UK properties is 275 gallons in capacity, with the average for properties in Shrewsbury and Shropshire slightly higher. Although this average is fairly standard, the size of the oil tank that you will need is specific to your property and usage which is something you can discuss with our engineers in your consultation.

There are also a lot of commercial properties, especially in and around Shropshire that uses oil tanks in order to heat their property. As you would expect commercial oil tanks are considerably larger in size and can be up to 5,000 gallons. This is because in commercial properties heating oil is used for a range of other tasks, including the generation of electricity, fuel machinery or furnaces for agriculture, horticulture and construction.

To ensure that heating oil is used in a safe way there are many regulations surrounding both the domestic and commercial use of heating oil. If you would like to find out more about how you could benefit from using heating oil for your Shrewsbury or Shropshire based company then please feel free to give us a call.

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