Commercial Bathroom Installation

Project Type

Commercial Bathroom Installation

Work Duration

1-2 Weeks


Shrewsbury, Shropshire

This was another unique project for us at Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating as it was actually for one of our suppliers, Pipekit. We were asked to assist in the moving of their offices by Fitting a Commercial Bathroom in their New Shrewsbury Premises.

We completed the task to their exact specifications, including the supply of hot and cold water to the new offices and new toilet facilities. In this project, all of the products used were the latest in Geberit technology, from their press fit fittings to the silent PP waste pipes on the new copper pipework installation. We began by fixing the supplied Geberit frames into the stud work, so the walls could be plasterboarded and painted. The second fix included hanging new wall hung basins and rimless toilets to the frames set in the walls.

Approaching the project in this way allowed us to complete high-spec commercial bathrooms that have a low level of on-going maintenance. In addition, the project was relatively quick to complete and allowed other contractors to continue working around the commercial bathroom fitting. Working in this way allowed the project to flow smoothly and keep to its strict schedule.

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