Home Renovation Project Wem

Project Type

Oil Boiler, Oil Tank, Plumbing & Heating and Bathroom Installation

Work Duration

3 Months


Wem, Shropshire

This client in Wem, Shropshire, contacted us at Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating wanting a free consultation to overhaul the existing inefficient oil-fed plumbing and heating system in their home.

On our site visit, we investigated the current system assessing its condition, layout and operational efficiency. Before sitting down with the homeowner to discuss their needs, typical usage amounts and the average cost of their energy bills monthly.

Once we had the full picture, we drew on our expertise and the consultation of our trusted suppliers to create a system that would easily be able to withstand the operational needs of the property owners whilst being as energy efficient as possible.

Due to the age, layout and condition of the existing heating system, we proposed a complete overhaul to the client, demonstrating the long-term cost savings they could achieve from the massive reduction in long-term energy bills.

New Plumbing and Heating System Components

At the core of the New Plumbing and Heating System, we designed a 20KW Firebird high-efficiency, low-emission boiler, with a 200L unvented cylinder, and a Deso 1200L banded oil tank.

This specific Firebird Oil Boiler System was selected as it was more than capable of handling the usage needs of the household. It is also equipped with the latest high-efficiency emission burner, which can also be run on HVO BioFuels, thus reducing your carbon footprint by 90% over using kerosene. It was also fitted with a magnetic filter to protect the system and boiler during its lifespan and to activate its market-leading 10-year warranty.

The cylinder was also selected for its quality and its exceptional 25-year guarantee. It is fitted with a limescale reducer to protect system parts and the cylinder, as well as to stop the formation of white limescale patches on the ends of expensive taps.

Finally, the Deso 1200L Banded Oil Tank was the perfect solution to complete the setup. This oil tank also includes a wireless fuel gauge so the oil level can be measured remotely without the need to dip into the tank, extending the convenience and usability of the new plumbing and heating system.

New Plumbing and Heating System Layout and Pipework

As mentioned, the age and condition of the existing system are what caused the system to be so inefficient in its operation. This extended to the layout of the system and the quality of the pipework.

Because the boiler and hot water cylinder were located at opposite ends of the house to the main bathroom and ensuite, there was an unnecessary extra use of water and electricity each time the bathroom was used. To combat this, we decided to fit a smart hot water secondary pump.

This pump has a temperature probe which attaches to the hot outlet on the cylinder and works by detecting and learning the usage pattern for hot water in the area. It then activates the secondary hot water pump to provide instant hot water at the furthest points without the normal delay of approximately 30/60 seconds; thus saving on water usage and electricity usage from reducing water running time.

Pipework Replacement

To match the effectiveness and efficiency of the new system components, we also removed and replaced the existing pipework. All of the new pipework was completed in copper, using press fittings. This is not only energy-efficient but also a much safer option, reducing the use of blow lamps during installation (a fire risk) and increasing the speed of fitting pipework.

All of the pipework was fully insulated to gain efficiency and reduce heat loss, with the oil pipework fitted with a fire valve for protection and an Ultra Compact LTD high-filtration oil filter that is compatible with fossil fuels, HVO and Biofuels.

System Completion

Once complete the system was fully flushed and an inhibitor was added for protection.
On completion of the heating and plumbing installation project, the boiler was commissioned and running at an efficiency level of 98.2%. Making this property highly efficient, extremely reliable and reducing the long-term cost of utility bills.

As a bonus, we also provided a selection of extra tips and options for the client to maximise the efficiency even further. This included the fitting of PV panels with the advice to connect these via the cylinder immersion which will give them free hot water.

Bathroom Renovation Shropshire

As we began working on this property, the client enquired about our availability to also Complete a Bathroom Renovation at the same time. This allowed us to integrate the new bathroom design into the new plumbing and heating system, whilst reducing the amount of time that the property was in renovations.

The client chose the design style to create this contemporary bathroom look, using our recommendations for the best manufacturers and suppliers to create a stylish, yet affordable new bathroom.

This bathroom renovation project included the installation of a shower, toilet, basin and radiator, all plumbed into the new heating system. To continue the theme of being energy-efficient, we installed mixer taps for both the basin and shower. These provided extra operational convenience and much more control over temperature, reducing running time and water wastage.

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