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Project Type

Oil Boiler Replacement

Work Duration

3 Days


Foel, Mid Wales

We first visited this property as the client got in touch about an old Trianco boiler which seemed to be burning through oil quickly and was beginning to become expensive. Upon arrival at the property, we confirmed that the existing oil boiler was still using old technology and was becoming less fuel-efficient with age.

We discussed the different options available to the client and suggested a complete oil boiler replacement with a new, much more efficient system. After talking through the potential on-going cost savings on heating oil, the client was happy to go ahead with the oil boiler replacement immediately.

Before any installation work could commence we had to remove the old oil boiler safely. Our OFTEC qualified engineers completed a chemical flush to remove sludge and high alkaline water from the existing pipework. To best fit the needs of the property we decided on fitting the Firebird condensing Envirogreen system boiler, we also pressurized the system and converted the system to an S plan.

Next, we installed a magnetic filter system return for future protection and to keep all pipework insulated. Finally, we provided the client with complete control of their system regardless of where they were. We did this by fitting a new wireless controller for heating and hot water control, and app control via mobile phone.

Once the project was complete our OFTEC qualified engineer went through the commissioning process, including temperature checks on flow and return temperatures. After the new oil boiler was signed off, we tested the new boiler’s efficiency which returned at 97%, a 20% savings on the old boiler. The new Firebird condensing Envirogreen system boiler also came with a complete 10-year warranty.

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