Oil Boiler Replacement Guilsfield

Project Type

Oil Boiler Replacement

Work Duration

2 Weeks


Guilsfield, Mid Wales

This resident from Guilsfield near Welshpool called us after visiting our website as their boiler had packed up and stopped working. After discussing all of the necessary Covid regulations over the phone we arranged for me to make a free site visit later that day in order to investigate what caused the breakdown of the boiler.

When we arrived at the Guilsfield property, it was evident that the boiler had not been installed correctly or that any necessary maintenance work had been completed on it in some time. After discussing the issues with the owner of the property, I found out that the oil boiler had not been serviced for 15 years.

It was astonishing that the boiler worked in any capacity, let alone only just packing up now. The boiler itself was incomplete and not fully installed correctly with a number of leaks in various places. Immediately, it was clear that a full oil boiler replacement was needed so we began discussing different options with the client.

The first thing that we spoke about was the needs of the property and whether the replacement boiler needed to be as large as the existing boiler. The number of occupants living in the house was now only 2, down from 5 occupants when the other oil boiler was first installed. This decrease in hot water usage and the need to constantly heat all areas of the home meant that a smaller more efficient oil boiler would not only work more effectively but also be much more fuel-efficient. We also discussed and agreed upon moving the oil boiler to the external of the property and installing a remotely controlled thermostat to free up space.

I began the work by decommissioning and removing the existing oil boiler and cylinder. Next, I salvaged what I could of the existing pipework and made all the necessary changes in order to connect it to the new pipework I laid to the new external location of the oil boiler. At this point, I flushed the entire system using a chemical cleaner which removes all corrosive substances and dirt out of the system such as sludge and magnetite. Following a thorough flushing of the system, I added a chemical protection agent into the system to prevent any future build-ups and then began working on installing the new oil boiler.

Based on the needs of the household, a new Warmflow combination oil boiler was the obvious choice as it is the only A-rate hot water combination boiler on the market with high flow output. We also agreed that a much smaller cylinder would be more appropriate as only two people were now living in the property. The previous system was heating 200L of hot water a day, most of which was unused. By installing a smaller 50L cylinder they are now saving money on their utility bills and not wasting money heating by unnecessarily heating excess water.

I then added a new wireless programmable thermostat which was installed within the property to give complete control over the system. Post-installation of the oil boiler, I went through all of the necessary commissioning processes in order to sign off the new boiler and ensure it was working to full efficiency.

Since completing this Oil Boiler Replacement in Guilsfield the property has experienced no issues with the new system. The new setup is reliable, energy-efficient and now saving the clients a reasonable amount in reduced utility bills. The owners also have complete peace of mind if any issues arrive with the Warmflow boiler and magnetic filter coming with a 5-year warranty if even the smallest faults occur. We are now booked in every year in order to complete the annual service that is a requirement for all oil boilers in the UK.

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