Oil Boiler Replacement Shawbury

Project Type

Oil Boiler Replacement

Work Duration

2 Days


Shawbury, Shrewsbury

I got contacted by the owner of this Shawbury property after being recommended to them by another Shawbury resident for whom I completed an oil boiler replacement. The oil boiler within their home had been giving the customer constant issues over the last few years and would regularly not perform as expected. We spoke on the phone and discussed all of the necessary Covid regulations regarding myself entering the home and we arranged a convenient time and date for me to complete a free site visit.

Upon arriving at the property in Shawbury near Shrewsbury, I completed a full inspection of the current oil boiler and heating system around the home. In this inspection, I found oil leaking from the burner pump, failing bearings and the remnants of previous engineers ‘silicon’ to seal the burner into the boiler.

I explained the issues with the homeowner and discussed several different options in order to best solve the situation. The oil boiler itself was still in good working condition so a boiler replacement was not necessary. However, the surrounding connections and fixtures such as the boiler pump were ageing and most likely the reason why the boiler was only working intermittently.

The most logical and economical option was to replace the burner, which turned out to be over 20 years old. Before removing the existing oil burner, I put in a next day delivery of a new Elco burner direct from Firebird. These oil burners are the latest in oil-burning technology and already have low NOx emissions and have proven to release as little as 60 mg/kWh. This makes them future proof, being much lower than the required ERP regulations from 2018 of 120 mg/kWh.

Since completing the project, I have been back in touch with the client and since the boiler pump replacement, the heating system has consistently worked. They also commented on how much warmer the house has been since the repair work and how their utility bills have lowered.

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