Oil Boiler Replacement

Project Type

Oil Boiler Replacement

Work Duration

5 Days


Shawbury, Shrewsbury

I was called out to this Shawbury property due to a leaking oil boiler. When I arrived at the property and inspected the boiler it was rotten and clearly not fixable. I explained the situation to the property owner and presented him with 3 different replacement boiler options to choose from (all with free competitive quotations).

Once we agreed on a course of action, I ordered all of the relevant parts. Thankfully, I have such a great relationship with my suppliers and had a brand new Firebird combination boiler delivered to the property for the next day. This allowed me to get to work removing the existing rotting boiler and prepare the area for the arrival and installation of the Firebird the next day.

The new Firebird combination boiler was smaller and more of a suitable size for the property at 20KW in comparison to the previous 26KW boiler. I then downsized the power output further by changing the burner nozzle to 16KW. This reduction in power output means that the oil boiler requires less fuel each time it is fired up and will greatly reduce the amount of heating oil used.

I also completed a range of changes to the properties system to modernise the system and make it much more fuel-efficient. The first thing I did was to add a low loss header to reduce boiler cycling as the property was only heated by underfloor heating. Next, I renewed the pump and temperature mixing valve on the underfloor manifold because these were damaged by magnetite corrosion. Finally, I fitted a magnetic filter for future protection of the system and a deaerator to remove micro air bubbles. These will help maintain the quality of water in the system over time by removing O2 and greatly reducing the chance of corrosion.

Once the system was up and running I flushed the whole system with a chemical cleaner to remove all sludge, magnetite and any other signs of corrosion. After it was thoroughly flushed with clean water and the water of the system was clear I added a chemical protection to the system. This helps to break down and reduce the build of up sludge so that the system operates as efficiently as possible. This Newly Installed Boiler in Shawbury is now running at 98% efficiency and combined with the flush and magnetic filter it comes with a 10-year warranty.

oil boiler pump for replacement job in Shawbury.
Professional pipework fo oil boiler replacement in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
Close coupled tee pipework for oil boiler replacement in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
Oil Boiler Replacement in Shawbury in Shropshire.

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