Oil Boiler Replacement

Project Type

Oil Boiler Replacement

Oil Boiler Installation

Work Duration

4 Days


Welshpool, Mid Wales

After being recommended by a friend, we were asked to visit this property in order to give a free competitive quote on an Oil Boiler Replacement and Installation. The existing boiler on the property was an old model Warmflow boiler accompanied by a gravity fed hot water tank. We discussed a range of different options with the property owner, mainly focusing on their usage of hot water and heating needs. During this conversation, it was clear that the existing boiler was much larger than the property required.

The client agreed that the property needed a whole new system upgrade, especially after seeing the fuel-efficiency figures and the on-going savings the new system would deliver. Shortly after leaving the property our competitive quote was accepted and work arrangements began.

The first thing we did on-site was to remove the Warmflow boiler and gravity fed hot water tank safely. Next, we began installing the new Firebird Envirogreen boiler which is packed with the latest technology which maximizes fuel efficiency. In addition to the Firebird oil boiler, we added a pressurized Joule hot water tank to replace the existing gravity fed system. We also added a magnetic filter on the return pipework to comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and adhere to the Firebird’s incredible 10-year warranty. As this was a complete oil boiler system conversion we also installed Honeywell wireless controls, new TRV’s fitters to all radiators and a full system flush and protector for future system protection.

After completion, our OFTEC qualified engineer commissioned all the work, completing all necessary checks and paperwork. During testing we found that the new Firebird boiler was achieving an efficiency rating of 97%, a large increase on 82% from the old Warmflow boiler which was oversized for the property. In addition, the correct sized boiler for the property meant there was no cycling – leading to more savings for the property owner.

Underfloor heating system calculated and designed.

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