Oil Boiler Service Llanfair Caereinion

Project Type

Oil Boiler Service

Work Duration

1 Day


Llanfair Caereinion, Mid Wales

It is recommended in the United Kingdom to complete an annual service on all oil boiler systems. This is also a requirement of many boiler manufacturers to maintain the warranty.

After sending out our friendly reminder to this client in Llanfair Caereinion, we worked around their schedule to arrange a time that best suited them, as we are capable of completing the service without requiring them to be home.

Accredited to complete oil boiler service by the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC), our servicing process began with a detailed inspection of the entirety of the boiler system to ensure its operational safety and efficiency.

Starting with a visual inspection, I completed a complete assessment of the oil boiler system to ensure there were no signs of external damage or malfunctions and that the boiler unit was safe and operating as expected.

Next, I fully stripped down the boiler, using a hoover to clean out any debris that had built up inside the unit. Before using a special chemical spray on the baffles to remove any soot, debris, or build-up that could impede the efficient flow and heat transfer capabilities of the gases within the boiler.

The final tasks on the internals of the oil boiler included checking the burner, cleaning the pump filters and replacing the oil nozzle. As this oil boiler is serviced annually, these processes help ensure that it continues to work at its maximum efficiency, whilst also complying with the warranty requirements.

Following the re-assembly of the boiler, I turned the heat and hot water back on so that I could observe the boiler returning up to standard temperature. Monitoring the oil boiler as it heats back up allowed me to check the flue gas readings and oil pump pressure measures and adjust if required.

Finally, I isolated the magnetic filter that leaves the oil boiler system, to check and remove any debris that had prevented it from entering the homes’ heating system before re-fitting.

As always, every oil boiler service at Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating ends with the recording of the service in the boiler passport on-site and online logging. This documentation proves that the servicing of the oil boiler has been completed by an OFTEC-qualified engineer and validates the continuation of the oil boiler warranty.

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