General Plumbing Shrewsbury

Project Type

General Plumbing and Heating

Work Duration

1/2 Day


Shrewsbury, Shropshire

I was called to this Shrewsbury property after the owner was recommended me at Chris Evans Plumbing and Heating by a friend. They were concerned as whenever they turned any of the household’s taps on, there were loud vibrations and banging through the pipes and also the faucets.

Upon reaching the house in Shrewsbury, I investigated the problem and found that there was a build-up of high water pressure in the area which was the route cause of the problem. To add to this, the taps were old and their washers had become loose which lead to the vibrating, banging and water hammer noise.

Although the taps were fairly old, they were still in full working order and their gold coating was fitting with the aesthetic of the house. I discussed with the owner about the best course of action but we both agreed to keep the taps instead of replacing them. Next, to fix the taps and to help protect them from damage and prevent vibrating I added a pressure reducing valve and a shock arrestor expansion vessel on incoming mains. The water pressure was reduced from 4.7 bar to 2 bar and the shock arrestor will absorb any water pressure changes from the opening and shutting of taps.
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